Can natural remedies actually treat erectile dysfunction?

According to information published by the American Medical Association, anywhere between 40% and 70% (or more) of men above the age of 40 are living with erectile dysfunction today.

That means that anywhere between four and seven out of every 10 men you meet on a day to day basis above the age of 40 are likely to be dealing with this serious, debilitating, frustrating, and potentially dangerous medical condition.

Think about that for a second.

Thankfully, modern medicine, science, and research have all banded together to produce a number of truly top-flight chemical solutions (most of them based off of “backbone ingredient” sildenafil) like Viagra, with the lesser known products of Cialis, and Levitra.

However, though these solutions have been proven time and time again to work with it comes to getting rid of erectile dysfunction, they also carry a lot of “baggage” with them. There are a number of side effects that you’ll need to be on the lookout for when you decide to use these solutions – side effects that you may not be all that crazy about encountering.

Enter natural erectile dysfunction remedies

Because these side effects of sildenafil based solutions (like Viagra) can be more serious than most people are comfortable dealing with, not everyone is all that eager to take advantage of those chemical formulations.

But that’s why herbal and all-natural erectile dysfunction remedies have exploded in popularity. So much so that the prestigious Mayo Clinic has a whole study on natural ED remedies.

While you should definitely speak to a trusted medical professional that understands your medical history before you pull the trigger on any all-natural erectile dysfunction solutions (including the ones outlined below), you should know that these solutions very (VERY) rarely have any of the side effects that sildenafil based solutions like Viagra bring to the table.

Ready to jump right in?

Herbal “Viagra”

While having absolutely nothing whatsoever in common with sildenafil based Viagra (outside of the results that it is capable of producing), herbal “Viagra” is actually Panax ginseng – one of the more potent and powerful solutions out there for getting rid of erectile dysfunction.

Depending upon the your specific condition (and a number of biochemical issues you may or may not be dealing with), you’ll want to consider taking daily dosages of anywhere between 1800 and 3000 mg of this herbal supplement a day to make sure that you’re able to “rise to the occasion” whenever the boat happens to strike.

DHEA hormone supplements

Supplements that help to promote DHEA hormone production (or trigger your adrenal glands to produce more testosterone or estrogen, depending upon what your body needs) are also an effective solution for getting rid of erectile dysfunction once and for all. 

There are a number of supplements out there (including wild yam extract and soy) that has a tremendous impact on your adrenal glands and that production of DHEA. This is a hormone that will work to increase the amount of testosterone that you have in your body, which will in turn help your body establish those rock hard erections you were so used to it your early 20s and 30s.

Stop stressing yourself out

If you really want to take advantage of an incredibly safe erectile dysfunction solution, you’re going to want to think about going meditation, yoga, or just eliminating as many stress points from your life as humanly possible.

Stress is an incredible killer of men and women all over the world, but it will also destroy your sex life if you allow it to.
Remove as much of the stress from your life as possible, and you may never have to deal with erectile dysfunction again – even if you’ve never touched sildenafil or Viagra!